Introduction - ‘drawn ground‘ – a technique often found in the folk embroidery of Russia and Ukraine, where threads are withdrawn from linen…

I hope this website can become a resource for people interested in the art, textiles and culture of Russia, central and eastern Europe. Over the many years that this subject has been my passion, I have collected information, experiences, images and artefacts that I would like to share here, as well as through my talks and published writing.

About Me

I trained as an embroiderer and designer in the 1980s, then taught embroidery in adult education and worked as an administrator for the Embroiderers’ Guild, then based at Hampton Court Palace. A six-month stay in Moscow in 1987 deepened the fascination I already had with all forms of Russian and Soviet art and culture.  I have continued to study and to visit both Russia and most of the countries of the former Soviet bloc.

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Talks & Study Days

I have been giving talks to groups for many years now and have enjoyed travelling all over the UK to do so. My usual audiences are members of organisations such as the Embroiderers’ Guild, Quilters’ Guild, Costume Society, Women’s Institute and art history groups. I am happy to put together a talk to appeal to any kind of audience, and to discuss your requirements. Please go to the Contact page and get in touch!

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